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BUY THIS (v3)  (2011)  two-screen installation with live art performance
Lead artist, producer, artistic director, visual design, video production
Connecting refugee testimonies on climate issues with global environmental and post-colonial events and processes.

THE CENTRE CANNOT HOLD: PART 1 (2009) multi-screen installation + music performance
Lead artist, producer, artistic director, visual design, video production
Exploring climate change global inequality and race (premiered at Bristol’s Arnolfini Gallery).

NO TRACE (2007-9) multi-screen performance with interactive video installation
Director, interactive and video design, script editor
Explores abuse and haunting of the city, where a black low-life private detective haunted by his previous abuse, addicted to his sordid cases of finding run away kids. Uses improvised methods to connect interactive screens with live performer-poet. Both a short film and prototype performance developed, currently an ongoing personal project.
EXHALE (2007) published set of video and interactive works
Director, video production, post-production, authoring, chief editor
A multiple-format publication of video, music and electronic art created for virtual migrants, engaging with asylum and migration in a new world order, and containing original artworks with collaborators incl. Keith Piper and other artists, individuals and communities.
PASSENGER (2006-9) live digital projection with performance, an evolving improvisatory format
Director, video production and VJ/video design artist
Video or multimedia works projected as originals or re-mixed-manipulated using VJ or other interactive software, to form a backdrop for changeable live musicians who identify with the issues from a range of backgrounds, personal developments and cultural contexts.
Performed in Manchester, incl. at the Green Room and the Creolising Europe Conference
 TERMINAL FRONTIERS (2002-5) Series of digital art installations
Lead artist-director, co-production/post-production/authoring
A collaborative digital art project for Virtual Migrants with Keith Piper which will produce multimedia art works about asylum and globalisation.  Shown at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (Sept 2002) and the ICA, London (Oct 2002).  Includes the acclaimed 3-screen installation WHAT IF I’M NOT REAL.
FROM H TO O (2003) interactive single-screen digital multimedia installation
Sole artist, director, production, post-production, authoring
A range of dramatic scenarios in which dysentery affects a young woman to varying degrees, from almost no illness to near death. Each is split into beginnings, middles and ends which must be configured through the windows of a fruit-machine game format.
 REKINDLE (2003) interactive video works on five touch-screens
Sole artist, director, production, post-production, authoring
People and poets converse with diverse historical objects through imaginative and dramatic oral response using scratch-film digital effects.  Permanent display at the Manchester Museum.
 META-MOTION (2002) interactive art CD-ROM installation and published work.
Sole artist-director, production, co-post-production/authoring
Non-linear narratives on the parallel mental, physical and material preparations and self-discipline for both athletes and community endeavours, a Commonwealth Games 2002 artists’ commission/exhibition.

BOUNDLESS SKY (2002) 3-screen multimedia-video installation
Director, co-production, all post-production
A semi-animated self-searching journey for a contemporary Bharat Natyam dancer inspired by the process of athleticism, fused with digital graphics and fine-ink drawings.  2002 tour including The Lowry (M’chester), St Georges Hall (Liverpool), Leeds Armoury, Luton Airport, and Chatsworth House (Derbyshire).  (Single-screen compiled version also available).

 WE ARE HERE… (2001) Interactive educational CD-ROM published work.
Co-director, co-production/post-production, co-author/programmer
An educational resource exploring immigration and asylum in Britain, for Virtual Migrants Assoc. exhibited in Manchester and Birmingham in 2001 and on sale via Virtual Migrants Assoc. 

OBSERVE-INTERPRET-REACT (2001) Multimedia video and web-based series of works.
Digital video production/post-production & web co-production/authoring
Commissioned by Manchester United Football Club exploring cultural diversity and sport, comprising video works and a website.  Co-produced as the first residency artists to work with Man. Utd., includes my film FROM PUNJAB TO FOOTBALL as the focal work premiered at the Manchester United Museum.

RESONANT REFLECTIONS (2000) Interactive CD-ROM published work.
Sole artist - all roles and authoring
An extension of 'Resonance' in response to the 'Virtual Revolutions' pan-European artists collaboration (1998-2000).  Published on FACT’s "VR: ACT and READ" artists CD-ROM

 RESONANCE (1999) Digital multimedia and video installation.
Sole artist - all development, production roles and post-production/authoring
A commissioned multi-screen installation and CD-ROM linking migrant settlers in Britain with the colonial and industrial legacy that brought them here. Exhibited at galleries/festivals in Oldham, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Sheffield, London, Ohio (USA), & Paris (for ISEA2000). 
 47-97 NACH-URAL STRUGGLE (1997) Interactive CD-ROM installation.
Lead Artist & Project Director.
How a law of gravity relates to anti-colonial/anti-racist struggles focusing on the 50 years since South Asian Independence in 1947.  For Video-Positive97 plus tour incl. Glasgow, Preston, Birmingham and London.

EVEN AS WE SPEAK (1995) Multi-screen video/slide/audio installation.
Project director & collaborating artist
A collage of thoughts about race and identity within an Asian context, with artists Shaheen Merali and Mukhtar Dar.  For Video-Positive95 and featured on FACT's "SHARED EXPERIENCE" CD-ROM.





         HOME arts centre  Manchester 2018 – “Hostile Detainment” performed protest enactment

         Manchester Central Library  2017 – “The Poppy Retake” video installation – colonialism and WWI

         5 theatres across UK  2015 – “Ethical People Movement” video art for ‘Continent Chop Chop’ tour

         5 Venues in Durham  2015 – “Footprint Modulation” exhibition on climate migration (as curator-director)

         The Vale  Mossley, Gtr Manchester 2015 – ‘Chamada From Chico Mendes’ interactive video-audio art

         Doh Mix Meh Up  The Old Fire Station, Oxford 2014 Diaspora Arts Exhibition – “Buy This (v3)” video installation

         Manchester Museum  2013  – “90 Degree Citizen” (as curator / producer) artworks by refugees

         Monitor 9  South Asian Visual Arts Centre, Toronto, Canada 2013 – “Buy This (v3)” video installation

         Z-Arts  Manchester 2013  – “Committed To Represent” portable panels of photography and texts

         Turnpike Gallery  Leigh, UK 2012  – “Infusion” set of installations with video, photography, text, banners

         Platforma Festival  London 2011  – “Buy This (v3)” video installation with accompanying performance

         Bcubico Art Centre  Recife, Brazil 2011  – “Resonance” interactive ROM installation

         Arnolfini Gallery  Bristol 2009 – “The Centre Cannot Hold” multimedia installation + performances

         SIGGRAPH 2007  San Diego, USA – “What If I’m Not Real” interactive installation with performance

        The Green Room  Manchester 2007 – “Exhale” collaborative media and performance art works with Virtual Migrants

         Asian Contemporary Art Week  American Museum of Folk Art, New York, USA 2006 – “Rekindle I” single screen video installation

         The Green Room  Manchester 2005  – “No Trace” multi-screen interactive installation with live art performance

         Plymouth Arts Centre  2005  – “What If I’m Not Real” interactive installation

         Watermans Arts Centre  London 2005  – “What If I’m Not Real” interactive installation

         Street Level Gallery  Glasgow 2004  – “What If I’m Not Real” interactive installation

         Q Gallery  Derby 2004  – “What If I’m Not Real” interactive installation

         Manchester Art Gallery  2004 – “Re-tracing Reflections” video triptych (commissioned for Art04)

         The Manchester Museum  2004  – “From H To O” interactive projected installation

         Espace Multimedia Gantner  Bourogne, France 2003 – “Resonance” Interactive ROM (permanent acquisition)

         The Manchester Museum  2003  – “Rekindle” multi-screen interactive installation (commission and permanent acquisition)

         The ICA  London (New Media Centre) 2002  – “What If I’m Not Real” interactive installation (for Virtual Migrants’ “Terminal Frontiers” exhibition)

         Castlefield Gallery  Manchester 2002  – “What If I’m Not Real” multi-screen installation (for Virtual Migrants’ “Terminal Frontiers” exhibition)

         “AfterShock” Commonwealth Games art exhibition  Zion Arts Centre, Manchester 2002  – “Metamotion” interactive installation using ROM projection

         St George’s Hall  Liverpool 2002  – “Boundless Sky” multi-screen dance installation

         The Lowry  Manchester 2002  – “Boundless Sky” multi-screen dance installation

         The Manchester United Museum 2001 – “From Punjab To Football” video installation

         ISEA 2000  Paris, France  – “Resonance” Interactive ROM

         Beechwood Centre for the Arts  Ohio, USA 1999  – “Resonance” Interactive ROM

         Chatsworth House  Derbyshire 2002  – “Boundless Sky” multi-screen dance installation

         Lovebytes  International Electronic Art Festival 1999, Sheffield  – “Resonance” Interactive ROM

         Oldham Art Gallery  1999  – “Resonance” multi-screen interactive installations

         ISEA 98  Liverpool & Manchester  – “Virtual Migrants” interactive CD-ROM

         Street Level Gallery  Glasgow 1997  – “Nachural Struggle” interactive ROM installation

         Video Positive 97  International Electronic Art Festival, Liverpool  – “Nachural Struggle” interactive ROM installation

         Video Positive 95  International Electronic Art Festival, Liverpool  – “Even As We Speak” multi-screen installation



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